Ringo the cat

So basically I’ll be Ringo’s personal assistant for the upcoming week. Who is Ringo? My friend’s cat. He left for Berlin this morning and needed someone to look after his cat. However I have the distinct feeling that the cat is looking after me… Or at least watching me. I think the official man-cat score til this day is 0-1. They just have that lil’ extra somethin’ somethin’ and we’d be glad to come in second.

Also, I got the opportunity to stay in this absolutely lovely apartment. Omg the floors, and the ceiling, and the furniture. This is so my future home. Actually thinking about changing locks, could be worth it! I’d even get the cat included in the price.



So, what I’ve concluded during my two hours and counting with Ringo is that it might be cats who run the world. And yes, you can scratch the might. I might also go to the gym in about ten minutes but that might is a lot stronger than the first one. This couch and a glass of wine is a bit more appealing to me at this point…

Today I’ve also finalized my three months of spanish classes just to realize that I need at least three more. Like always – the more you learn, the more you understand how little you actually know. However I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s a new language I’m learning and thus it’s OK, if not necessary, to let the process take some time. After all that is what I’m here for. And of course the climate, the ocean, the dance, the quality of life and to find a job. But mainly the language.

To conclude, I wish y’all a lovely Friday. I will meet up with a friend to splurge on the swedish Semla. If you don’t know what a Semla is I can tell you it’s to die for (please imagine a strong hand gesture while you google this). However I’m hoping to skip the dying part. After the Semla, provided that I’m still alive, I’ll go for salsa con un amigo cubano!

Un abrazo grande a todos! Ha en fin helg <3

P.S So, Ringo has fallen asleep on the remote control for the stereo thus I’m stuck listening to a german radio station. These unexpected dilemmas! D.S

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